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Diablo 2 Resurrected Runeword Explorer

Dear Diablo II fans,

Having played our favourite game Diablo II (and now Diablo II Resurrected) for many years now, I often find myself searching through websites for runewords and runes related information.

Searching for the best runeword for my newly found weapon or armor takes time and effort - forums are many, posts are long, old websites can be difficult to navigate.

This is why I wanted to create a simple, user friendly, but highly effective runeword explorer with a powerful filter functionality. It allows you to quickly filter through all 78 runewords by number of sockets, level, item type and stat type. A careful thought has been put into usability and being able to quickly search through a runeword, given a specific item with a given number of sockets or, for example, finding your next favourite runeword by a concrete stat that your character needs.

A few additional notes. Highlighting runes from the filter will sort them in a specific order by % matching of total runes in a runeword. This means that if you highlight all runes that you have, the runewords that you can immediately create will appear at the very top.

My plan is to slowly extend this website with ONLY the most "useful" information with regards to Diablo II Resurrected gameplay - such as map layouts, recommended bases for each runeword, filtering runewords by character in order of leveling up, etc.

Although definitely not necessary, feel free to support my website by clicking on the beer icon at the top-right corner. Please, disable your adblocker as there are costs to maintaining and developing this website - I have tried to make the ads as nonintrusive as I can.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know at antonov.martin((at))gmail.

Cheers and Happy Grinding,