Terror Zones

Lost City & Valley of Snakes & Claw Viper Temple


Add Sockets to Weapon

socket weapon

Ral+Amn+Perfect Amethyst+Weapon
Socketed Weapon

Add Sockets to Armor

socket armor

Tal+Thul+Perfect Topaz+Armor
Socketed Armor

Add Sockets to Shield

socket shield

Tal+Amn+Perfect Ruby+Shield
Socketed Shield

Add Sockets to Helm

socket helm

Ral+Thul+Perfect Sapphire+Helm
Socketed Helm

Reset Sockets

reset sockets

Hel+Scroll of TP+Socketed Item with Runes/Jewels/Gems
Socketed Item without Runes/Jewels/Gems

Adding sockets to a non-socketed item can be obtained in two ways - Cube Recipes or via Larzuk Quest

Cube Recipes

You can take a look at the recipes on the left for adding sockets to your items. You should keep the following in mind:

  • You can add sockets to white or ethereal items which are NOT Superior!
  • The number of sockets is determined by a random roll of a dice (a random value from 1 to 6). The result will be either the value of the roll or the maximum number of sockets the item can have.
    For example, a Monarch shield, can have a maximum of 4 sockets. Rolling 1-3 will give you 1-3 sockets respectively. Rolling 4-6 will equate to 4 sockets as this is the maximum for the item.
  • When removing the runes/gems/jewels in a socketed item with the last recipe, the runes/gems/jewels will NOT be returned to you.

Larzuk quest

  • For white or ethereal items this will add the maximum number of sockets in accordance with the item level.
  • For magical items you can obtain 1 or 2 sockets with 50/50 chance.
  • For rare, set or unique items, the quest will always yield 1 socket